Vibrational Frequency, Healing and Transformation

So, what is vibrational frequency?

A better question might be, “what isn’t vibrational frequency?”

Everything in the known universe is moving, in vibration – from the most solid rock to the tenderest sentiments of a mother to her child. Vibration covers the gamut from everything we hear, feel, experience, see and sense.

Let’s talk about the measurable world and how we have agreed to classify it. Sound and light are part of a continuum measured in waves. The number of times a wave vibrates is called its frequency. One wave cycle per second is called a hertz (Hz). Modern science has charted, through the EEG machine, brainwaves of people in various states of consciousness. The state with the lowest number of hertz is the:

Delta range, from 0.5 – 4 Hz. It is associated with deep dreamless sleep and trance states. This is followed by:

Theta range, from 4 Hz – 8 Hz. This is dreaming and daydreaming, the state of meditation, physical and emotional healing. Then there is:

Alpha range, from 8 – 13 Hz. This is the state of psychic surgery, mental and astral projection, creativity in the arts. And:

Beta range, from 13 – 30 Hz. This is the state of normal waking consciousness, day to day problem solving complete with fears and worries.

The range of human hearing is from 16 – 20,000 Hz. Around 40 octaves (or times) beyond this range is the spectrum of light and color.

Let’s talk a bit about overtones, sometimes called harmonics.

Every sound is comprised of a bass, or fundamental frequency, and a series of overtones. If one multiplies the fundamental frequency by two, the second overtone is produced; by three, and the third overtone is produced; etched infinitum. Within the first overtones are found the notes of the major, or diatonic scale. Higher up the spectrum of overtones will be found the notes of the chromatic scale. And higher up are notes which sound out of tune to the western ear, but are perfectly appropriate to the aural perceptions of many eastern cultures, which embrace a science of microtones and mictrotonal performance in their music.

Now each note can be its own fundamental frequency and have a “family” of overtones, in a manner of speaking. This family is as intimately related to the fundamental frequency as the fingers are to the hand. But this family of overtones is also closely related to other families in neighboring keys. The key of C, for example, is closely related to the key of G; in fact, it has exactly the same notes except for one: F#. The key of F is also closely related to the key of C and has all the same notes except for one: Bb.

We are looking at these relationships to illustrate the fact that there are keys and families of notes that are closely related in their basic resonance. We see similarities in our human families like this; even though there may be wide disparagements in the temperaments and personalities of family members, there is a common gene pool and shared characteristics. Some of these characteristics expand outward to extended family, such as cousins, nephews and nieces, etc…

We see that, as there are microcosmic family relationships between notes, there are larger and more complex macrocosmic relationships between the soundings of human systems. Let us call this resonance. Now groupings that have similarities of resonance tend to be attracted to one another. One magnetizes to him/her that which is sympathetically resonating. This resonance brings us together and then intensifies the experience of Beingness. We think we have come together to learn, but in reality we have come together to experience more of who we truly are. And it is easier to see who we are when we glance about and see those about us who are of like mind, like heart, like spirit. We call forth the group resonance which is an intensification of our own inner frequency so that we can so much more fully experience who we are by seeing our reflection in our brothers and sisters.

There have been many devices designed to assist us to shift our frequencies to more fully engage the deep intuitive wellsprings of our being which are apparent in the delta, theta and alpha states. There is the E2 machine for alpha wave training; ultrasound; and numerous healing devices which rely on specific frequencies to treat various diseases and physical organs.

But before these was meditation, visualization and focused intent. For thousands of years Tai Chi and Chi Gung masters have used these techniques to reach and maintain high levels of health and clarity. One particular practice which has been adapted recently in the West is that of Grounding to the Earth. Here the practitioner focuses her intent on vibrating at the same rate as the earth – presently 7.83 Hz – with the results of becoming firmly rooted (and sometimes immovable) and drawing from the power and presence of the earth. This has been used for healing and moving energy into others.

The Monroe Institute has used a system called HemiSync to induce altered states. Because the brain wave cycles of the delta, theta and alpha state are below the range of human hearing, this system utilizes the principle that the brain will deduct a frequency which is the sum of the difference between two audible frequencies and then start to resonate at that vibration. This is done through stereo. For instance, if one ear is presented with an audible frequency of 440 Hz and the other ear is given a frequency of 446 Hz, the brain will respond to the difference between the two, which is 6 Hz/cycles per second – within the Theta range of consciousness.

This brain wave entrainment can also be accomplished with the use of light, by focusing beams of light and color on the retina of the eye at a prescribed frequency. The brain begins to resonate very quickly to this frequency and enters the desired state of mind. So one can see how we are using technology to shift consciousness, through scientific principles and principles of resonance.

Achieving these altered states of consciousness has been the goal of meditators since time immemorial. It has been proven that healing of the physical takes place at a much swifter rate when organs and systems within the body are re-vibrated at the rate at which they are most healthy. The ancients have known for thousands of years that the emotional and spiritual/light bodies are also brought into alignment through proper vibratory stimulation.

It is not only the frequency of the sound or music which invokes states of healing; it is the intent. And this is the intent of both the creator and the listener.

When the intent for healing and transformation is coupled with the emotion of passion and joy in music,the music becomes a vehicle for DNA repatterning.

Within the cellular constituency of the human physique is imbedded a double helix of DNA. But there is material which makes up the ingredients for 10 more strands. These strands are electromagnetic in nature and as yet undetectable by scientific methods. These extra strands are presently in a state of “disconnect” for most people, but are swiftly being awakened by many healing and transformational methods.  They are being reconstructed and reconfigured with the result of  catalyzing the human energy system into a more dynamic state where abilities which are now considered paranormal and supernormal will be commonplace. Intuitive powers and innate knowingness will soon be at levels once reserved for “masters”.  We have agreed to be born and to live for a certain time in the present compromised biology; but we also agreed to awaken.

It is time for the Awakening to occur and for each of us to step into our pre-chosen purpose. This is happening en-mass and is coinciding with the shift of Earth consciousness. As we acknowledge who we are, step-up our vibrations and begin clearing ourselves of emotions and belief systems that are counter to our true nature, we assist in this earth-plane shifting through our very beingness. Shifting vibrational frequency, transformation, remembering who we are…these are the buzz words of the day as we step forward and embrace this evolutionary quickening.

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