The Beauty of these Days

The beauty of these days, the spiraling, the sense of vertigo, is a call to Home. It gives you a sense of the free-falling nature of where you came from, and the realm you are being brought into as part of your earthly experience now. Get used to it! There will be many surprises for you and your earth family in the coming days, years, so hold on and expect miracles and happenings which will rock the foundations of your concept of reality. For it will shift drastically, dramatically. In truth, it is not a fantasy to say that your new reality, your new paradigm, is nothing like what you have experienced in your life to this point; that is vanished, vanquished. You are in a new land now, with many new rules. The first rule is of the Heart: follow it. Do that which is your calling, your true joy, your passion. Next, take care of your vehicle, your body. Feed it well, get plenty of exercise, drink good water and take in lots of sunshine. Watch what your mind ingests, as well. Turn off the TV. Walk in nature, tune into the nature channel. Watch what you read, listen to on the radio, and every idea you allow into your brain – it is all food, you know. Soak in the cosmic rays of enlightenment in your meditations. It is here, palpable, here for the taking, and the best nourishment around. It is a Cosmic Feast of epic proportions! If you knew how well you are capable of being fed, if you would only sit at the right table, you would never feel hunger! The Banquet is served…attend!

Drink deeply the essence of Who You Are. In the deepest parts of self, and truly, in all parts of self, You reside. You who are the Observer, the Detached, the Stillness, the Eye of the Storm. It is this Stillness which is no different from what you call God. For in Oneness, each One is that spark of the Divine, no less than any other One. We look at another and say, “How Wondrous a Being! I would be as She!” And yet, She is but a reflection of Me, the me that is One and at One with all Other Ones. The observation of the One in others is the observed reflection of One in oneself: a grand activity! We will all come to that place of recognition where separation has faded and the reality of communion with the Other is the communion with the Beloved, a remembrance of Selfless Oneness. Joy. Peace. Love. All aspects of the One. The Divine Harmony permeates all, its cosmic harmony supports all that is with complete enraptured bliss. We are swiftly coming to this realization, it is secret well hidden but now out of the closet!

Joy. Harmony. Balance. Oneness. We are Here. We are Here to share the many delights of spirit. Because we are delight. WE are the Elohim. We spread our wings of Light and encompass all, embrace each and every one of you with a rarified brilliance which makes your bodies shake with ecstasy! You know when we are here, because in those moments you cannot keep still! You have to move, for that is the physical expression of joy: dance. So move – spread your earth wings, claim the brightness that is as much a part of yourself as it is us; reclaim your birthright of passion and wonderment, create a rainbow of boundless colors, fly through the realms of joy with us! We are your playmates, and are ever ready to take you in hand and go romping over fields of endless happiness! You think this is a Dream? Think again! You are dreaming, and We are your Sweetest Fantasy!

Meet us in the woods, by the stream, look toward the sun and see our silhouette; feel our presence through these words, drink our joy to be with you and know that only more joy and abundant happiness awaits you. For that is who you are, that is who we are, that is what the worlds beyond your third dimension are, and soon that is what your world will be. Soon! And you are helping to make this dream come true. Awaken! Arise, claim your birthright of Joy and Enlightenment. You are here for that – so Take It, it’s yours!

We take your leave, but are ever at your side.
Call us.
Call us.

-The Elohim

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