The Aural Landscape

There is no direct correlation between what I hear and an imagined landscape. I don’t see waterfalls, mountains, or lovely grasslands. I do strongly feel an aural landscape, however, that seems to be very much like the wind, fluid, and mathematics, concise. It is constantly moving, like a dance, but very much like a dance in nature, such as a tumbleweed moved by a desert wind.

The music awakens my mind, for I love to sense the patterns and geometries imbedded in the compositions. I call them “compositions” although these pieces seem to create themselves; although I play them, perform them and record them, they seem to arise to life on their own, fueled only by my passion.

All my creations are my children. I am proud of them, want to share them, push them forward into the world and see them begin their own creations.

I like to see them have their own spin-offs. It has been noted that a creation, such as a piece of music, will spin off infinitely into other dimensions, keep vibrating beyond our ability to track it, and pop up in these other spheres as another creation of like-resonance, such as a flower, a beautiful fish, or perhaps a cloud.

It makes one wonder what creations inspired the lush gardens of earth, all the lovely forms of nature, even humankind. It is not only songs that spin off and have their beginnings elsewhere, it is also every thought and snippet of emotion.

We have in this plane a perfect example of this, for not only do our creations spin off to other realms, but they bounce back and reflect to us what we are generating through thought, word and deed. Our world is so perfectly the exteriorization of our inner processes, our beauties and struggles, frustrations as well as joys.

If I am continually bothered by an aspect of another, it is actually a symptom of that part of myself which is unhealed and needs attention. So it is good to get quiet when we are perturbed by the actions or beingness of another, for in actuality it is a mirror image of oneself.

All is self, All is Self.

And so I go through so much of life thinking that I am missing the boat. It is interesting to think how the disruption of activities on earth will affect our objectives, creations, grand plans. But we are told we are to focus solely on our joy.

This seems to be such a difficult thing to remember. Whenever I hear this, it seems that I am hearing it for the first time! And then I start all over again, the process of remembering exactly what is my joy…

Not only what is my joy, but what is my highest joy – those activities which will call forth not only creative energies but creative expansion of self, broadening the envelope of who I call myself. What in my wildest dream would I like to see myself doing?

It is amazing that the joy that issues forth from each song and creation can be so totally different from the inspiring emotion. Passion and emotion seems to be a necessary jet fuel to propel the music forward, to break through the fertile ground of the imagination and have its inception into the world.

But beyond it being that starting point, its purpose is not necessarily tied to its creation. I may have felt frustrated or depressed when I began a song or creation, but only used that emotion or passion to break the inertia and propel the song forward. After that, it was on its own.

Very similar to the part that the father plays in the creation process. The father is not necessary to the progeny’s unfoldment, the nurturing. He is there only to fertilize the seed and through passion propel the vital essence required to begin life.

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