Music and Spirituality

Seifenblase + Wassereffekt

Music and Transformation – Spirituality through Active Listening – this  is about spirituality, and music, and transformation. It is a composite of ideas that have followed me through many years of active listening and searching for the two things that have remained constant in my life and at the forefront of my focus: music and…

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Vibrational Frequency, Healing and Transformation


So, what is vibrational frequency? A better question might be, “what isn’t vibrational frequency?” Everything in the known universe is moving, in vibration – from the most solid rock to the tenderest sentiments of a mother to her child. Vibration covers the gamut from everything we hear, feel, experience, see and sense. Let’s talk about…

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The Aural Landscape


There is no direct correlation between what I hear and an imagined landscape. I don’t see waterfalls, mountains, or lovely grasslands. I do strongly feel an aural landscape, however, that seems to be very much like the wind, fluid, and mathematics, concise. It is constantly moving, like a dance, but very much like a dance…

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How Do I Listen?


I shut my eyes and travel. I will pull out and focus on a motif, a simple note, maybe two, perhaps a repetition, perhaps one that is accented, and then elaborated on. And then it gets beyond the notes. It’s the vibration which comes through the notes. And then entering the Oneness.  Being the witness. …

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The Beauty of these Days


The beauty of these days, the spiraling, the sense of vertigo, is a call to Home. It gives you a sense of the free-falling nature of where you came from, and the realm you are being brought into as part of your earthly experience now. Get used to it! There will be many surprises for…

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