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What listeners are saying about Mark's music

Sundance in Moonlight showcases Mark Torgeson as a World Class musician. —Helen Uphoff, WFDD FM

Torgeson is truly gifted, and it shows through all the musical styles he incorporates in his music. – Lyn McNutt, KUAC FM, Fairbanks, AK

From the mother of two autistic (and Crystal) children:

I just wanted to send you some new updates on my children. Logan always seems to gravitate to the room I am playing the music in…. He listens intently, stops all self-stimulating behavior, and will even repeat words I say to him!! I am so excited. He seems to be able to bridge the gap easier while listening and he stays with us longer after I turn off the music. He spends about 80% of his day engaged with the world and not isolated. I feel that the music is contributing to his emerging from the inner world he has created and that is wonderful!! I play your music as background. It keeps the house calm and peaceful. It has really made a difference with the kids. I cannot thank you enough..this music is stellar! – Tamara Lynn White-Lord


From a Webcast Participant:

The moment that the first note sounded, tears began to stream down my cheeks and didn’t stop until the music concluded. For the first time in a very, very long time those beautiful, vibrant clear pastel colors painted the inside of my eyelids and I was in a state of pure bliss. Never ever has any music affected me so deeply, so entirely…

As usual, I seemed to be in an entirely different world during the musical parts of the program.  I wrote down words as they came to me and, during the first piece that Mark played, I distinctly heard faeries dancing… Before long I was hearing the remarkable silence of deep spaces, as in the Grand Canyon. There were no echos and no colors…just the pure sound of deep space. As the music progressed, I heard what first sounded like China but shortly clarified itself as Tibet with its wonderfully deep wisdom.  Later, I heard the movement of air over the northern Great Plains…a pure, refreshing, cleansing movement of air from the northwest slightly to the southeast, but mostly east. I actually saw and felt the flow of the air as it cleared that area. How wonderful it felt! And yet again, there was a sense of depth to the flow of the air as it remained relatively close to the earth.

Close to the end of the program, I heard raindrops…clear distinct, individual raindrops. They were not light, frivolous raindrops but distinctive raindrops with a purpose. I waited to learn what was their message. I waited some more. Finally there was this wonderful, gentle, huge cleansing wash that swept over a large area of space. Strangely, the wash was not wet. It was simply a quiet, cleansing, purifying wash. During the last music segment, no words presented themselves to me which was perfectly fine because I was still riding the quiet excitement of the purifying wash, and was quite content to stay there awhile longer. - Maureen Wright  [Light Codes II webcast]

I had a physical sense of being lifted as if my heart was pulled up thru 3rd eye and catapulted thru my crown…all the while staying in my seat without a seatbelt. Then head pulled forward to witness the vast space below me…blue, black, violet with points of light. – Susan Bova

From a Software Engineer:

When I get stuck on a work project I play some of Mark’s music.  I regain my focus and the creative part of my brain starts flowing ideas. It is as if a spigot that was turned off is suddenly turned on again. Often at some point in this process I realize my body actually feels lighter.  What a blessing! - Pam Sheffield

Last night I had Integration playing.  I became aware of the information in each of the notes and in the whole sequence that made up the song.  I understood it as the information of the frequencies themselves.  It was like reading a multi-dimensional encyclopedia. If the encyclopedia had a name, it would be Truth.  I don’t remember all the information, but the bottom line was that those frequencies were Truth, to me, anyway.  Somehow, I was being educated…the feeling was unmistakable.  I said to myself:  I have to tell Mark his music is Truth.  It may just be that that particular music is my Truth…a message directly to me, but either way, it is an amazing discovery.

How amazing is that?  I know that the notes carry information, but my experience of it to this point has been that the information is transmitted energetically in a way that is not discernible with my conscious awareness.  In this experience, I was translating the information in the notes into knowledge consciously.  And, though I don’t remember the whole encyclopedia, I do remember what was on the spine:  Truth. - N.P.

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your special gift of transformational music… It helped me so much in the creative process of writing my book…worked like a charm on some unseen but deeply felt vibrational level. Thank you, again, for helping me reach that place in my heart where my dreams live.” —K.C. Craig

Incredibly gorgeous – one of the best I’ve heard in 10 years! —Renee Gelpi, CIUT FM, Toronto, Canada  [Between Mountains and Stars]

The eclectic classification of “Classically oriented New Age Music” only begins to describe depth of Mark Torgeson’s aural and spiritual magic...this recording can only be surpassed by his live performances. – Molly Stanley  [Amazon.com review]

Mark, I love Dreamweaver. It made me fall asleep.  —Emily, 8 years old  [Sundance in Moonlight]

I have been a big fan of George Winston and Liz Story for years – I found this album more satisfying than that. It flows so sweetly from one selection to the next, taking you on a wonderful journey. Mark’s skill on the piano is amazing and the spirit that comes through is refreshing… – Customer Review [Sundance in Moonlight]

HeadphonesYellowMark Torgeson's solo piano album has become a heavy play item on our radio series. Torgeson has made a great impact with our listeners. —Ashley of AcoustiCD

Mark, your music is divine. There are no words to describe it. I want to share with you that I saw myself dancing in the company of the most divine beings, and they were clapping and cheering on my sheer joy and Freedom. That is huge for me…The freedom to BE who I am here to BE, and to go forth and find my true calling and path.” —Valerie Sargent

Flowing and graceful, Sundance In Moonlight is a meditatative libation for both the mind and spirit.” —Michael Cokinos, WFIT FM

It is the music of traveling, both in the body and beyond it…recommended for the healer and journeyer in all of us. —Greg Hagin, Lightness of Being

Absolutely beautiful!  Felt it connecting to Mother Earth energies, healing and releasing.  So needed in this time. – Laura Jackson