Music is Knowledge

Music is knowledge. It is a form of knowledge that bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart, the mode of feeling. It quiets the mind in the moment of experience and imparts its wisdom and perspective directly. It is an energetic stream of energy containing the directives for the human energy system to begin to more fully engage in the process of shifting, activation, and awakening. It carries the codes of experience and knowing from the realm of the creator, whether that realm be of this dimension or others. When it comes from dimensions other than the third, there are trails of knowing imbedded which trigger a sense of home, of remembrance, that bring the listener simultaneously to a state of peace and expectancy; the peace of knowing Who One Is and the expectancy of knowing that one can never be alone in this world again. For the world has expanded to include one’s family – a family much more expansive than the earth family of origin.

Music is knowledge. It brings to us the multidimensional blueprints of consciousness far beyond our present mental constructs, far beyond our ideas of who we are and what we are capable of. It lays down the structure through which we will carry on our future work in the world. It is the new operating system for the new body we are creating which will deal more adequately with the changing energies of the planet. It is the carrier frequency for encodements placed there as promised to help us to navigate the new reality and swiftly changing world where the rules of conduct and manifestation have drastically changed. It is easy entry into the world of dreams and imagination which are the keys to shifting our experience to that of wonderment and joy.

Music provides the platform through which our awareness and vibratory patterning shifts, an allowance for our guides and helpers to provide healing and transformation. Music sets the imagination free. In the experience of music the mind is no longer in command – there is no need for its foundation of fear and protectiveness. In our listening we become unbridled spirit, free to fly and soar and ride the currents of our whim and unbridled imagining. Since there are no words to paint these scenes, our experience transcends conditioning. We flow easily between the dimensions. We go to nameless places and do indescribable deeds. We expand into our higher self and higher knowing, and the temporal limitations of earthly life no longer restrict our travelings. We become, most fully, Wanderers in the realms of our instantaneous creations.

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