Music and Spirituality

Music and Transformation – Spirituality through Active Listening – this  is about spirituality, and music, and transformation. It is a composite of ideas that have followed me through many years of active listening and searching for the two things that have remained constant in my life and at the forefront of my focus: music and spirituality.

One might ask, what do the two have in common, why should one make the assumption or premise that music should share the same platform as spirituality? Can one not be totally immersed in his spiritual pursuit without music? The answer is, of course, yes. And no, as well, depending upon how one chooses to define spirituality.

But music is a doorway, a tremendous doorway, to spirituality. The use of music as a tool to unlock the myriad passageways inside Spirit is one of the oldest and most widely used facilitators of the deepening process. It achieves this status by one very significant quality: it bypasses the mind.

Bypassing the mind…this is an important concept. All the spiritual traditions have ways of going beyond the mind – through prayer, meditation, fasting – and this is interesting because the inherent limitations of the mind are so apparent. But music is quick, needs little training to ride on its currents, and has the ability to deeply transport the listener to the same realms as the performer.

So what is most important is not so much the skill or facility of the creator of the music, but her ability to achieve deep and sublime states and translate that musically. This can be done through the voice or an instrument. In the case of a spiritual master, it can simply be her presence.

What is important here is facilitator’s ability to go deep. The facilitator who is most apt in this ability probably has devoted part of the present lifetime to this pursuit of prayer or some form of meditation or discipline or active relinquishing of the mind; but more importantly, has in other realms, other dimensions or lifetimes, focused and sharpened this ability to a high degree.

That is why some performers and presenters have such tremendous facility at their art: it is already inherently a part of them.

I once had a dream of an invention created into which the operator would be connected and be able to transmit the listener into phenomenal realms of beauty and depth: deeply spiritual realms, altered states and dimensions of light. Although there are many instruments today that have been invented with that aim, what I have come to understand is that the device is not separate from the operator; in fact, it is the operator. It is the operator’s focused intent, and his ability to transfer/translate his vibratory frequency in a way that the listener can merge with that stream and be transported to the same frequency/dimension/state of awareness.

It is in the operator!

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