We are Here.

You ask who we are in relationship to yourself; but in truth, there is no relationship, for we are One. In Wholeness. Non-separable. It may be difficult at this time for you to perceive this unbroken connection with the All, but soon this will be commonplace, and there will be no question. And then you can run and play and dance and swirl and KNOW we are ever at your side; in truth, we are at your everywhere, at your everything, because we are your every. Every and all. In joy. You may act like you don’t know this as long as you wish. You may make statues and caricatures of us, worship us and say how you would emulate us – proclaiming all the while how much grander we are than you. But this, like so many other misperceptions in your world, is but a simple disconnection from the Truth. Connect! And be with us, always, in all ways!Isn’t it funny you connect with your High Self and express from your Soul, sit and write and suddenly you are connected to the Angel Channel? How can this be! You specifically requested expression from yourSelf, but Here We Are again, those pesky winged apparitions who have nothing better to do but dance and sing! Here we are. We are Here. We Are. You are. You are here. You are We. We are You. Can it be more clear? This is a case of Mistaken Identity. But we know who we are. And guess what? You are leaving your confusion behind! Already you dance and soar with us, day and night, only to return to your earthly doings in forgetfulness. But the slumber of your days are numbered, count on it. Soon all questions will evaporate with the rising sun of awakening, and you will know the only dream was of your making.Did you know you are creating your own dream now? Now. Everything you do is the dream of your own creation, and you are very crafty indeed, in fact a master craftsman of countless creations. If you knew in a flash all you have created, your mind would instantly crash! Because it cannot embrace the All, the multidimensional, the glorious ephemeral and banal expressions beyond its own simple mono-incarnate selfhood. But that’s OK. Soon it, like all things, will be wholly engulfed by the omnipotent Presence of the All, and fear will be replaced by wonderment and joy. Spread your wings!Feel the vibration in your body. It is different, is it not? Different from yesterday, even. And different will it be again, tomorrow. You are expanding exponentially beyond your skin, your limited mental constructs, even your doings. The vibration within (and the constant tones in your ears which you call the Grid) will zoom you to unexpected heights and delights, and your very activities will take on a heretofore unparalleled quickening, for they will be most instantly actualized from your desires. So be certain in what you ask for! It is your birthright, this gifting of desire and intention, a birthday present from You to You and, guess what? It’s your birthday every day!And so we are here. We are always here, just beyond your perception only because you focus on all the playthings of your world. But you can see and hear and play with us any time you desire. Just be in Joy. For that is our home, that is who we are, that is our meeting place in your heart.

We love you. You know who we are.

– Mark Torgeson

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