The Beauty of these Days


The beauty of these days, the spiraling, the sense of vertigo, is a call to Home. It gives you a sense of the free-falling nature of where you came from, and the realm you are being brought into as part of your earthly experience now. Get used to it! There will be many surprises for…

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We are Here. You ask who we are in relationship to yourself; but in truth, there is no relationship, for we are One. In Wholeness. Non-separable. It may be difficult at this time for you to perceive this unbroken connection with the All, but soon this will be commonplace, and there will be no question.…

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Falling Into the Divine

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And You Will Know Them By The Fruit They Bring  – art by Joan Critz Limbrick. And so it was that the devotee was so enamored of his Master that he fashioned his whole life after him. Wherever he walked, that was where the devotee wanted to be. He clung to every word, watched every expression,…

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Music is Knowledge

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Music is knowledge. It is a form of knowledge that bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart, the mode of feeling. It quiets the mind in the moment of experience and imparts its wisdom and perspective directly. It is an energetic stream of energy containing the directives for the human energy system to…

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The Ascension Process


Mark talks about the Ascension process.

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Emerald Lake Flute Meditation

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Meditative Flute Music at Emerald Lake, Banff, Canada

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