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Have you ever questioned "How do I keep my vibration high when there are so many demands and distractions?


Well, there is an easy answer - with big benefits and no risk!

Use Intentional Music to Increase Your Vibration

Increase Your Vibrational Quotient, Vitality and Productivity
Generate Creativity Every Waking Moment
Step Through Your Life Fully Present and Happy
Release Constrictive Emotional Patterns

The easy way to Increase your Vibrational Quotient!

Do you think that maintaining a higher state of consciousness is hard, painstaking, involves a deep commitment of time, money and laborious persistence?  Well, we have an incredible secret for you - it no longer does! Because of the emerging energetics of the earth, everything, EVERYTHING is becoming easier. The trick is to remember that! So how does one remember?

By being in a heightened state of resonance throughout the day!

And how does one accomplish that?

One way is to listen to Alchemical Music which has been created specifically for that purpose.

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Music is a portal into vast dimensions of light. It is a no-mind entry-way into realms of experience and  information beyond the mind, beyond thinking. It is an attunement to vibrations which uplift and assist one to soar, to fly. Music places one into direct relationship with the the terrain where beautiful beings reside: angels, ascended masters, devas, star family. It is at once an excursion of the heart and a grounding into states of being which are sublime, intrinsic, at the core of who we are. It brings the whole human energy matrix into harmony with forces compelling it towards peace, joy and love.

Runner Character Listen To Music Shows Music Listening JoggingHow will this help you? Music takes you out of the hum-drum of life and helps you soar through the skies of your imagination. It places you in contact with higher parts of yourself. It helps you navigate through territory that is new, fresh, wonderful. It increases your ability to concentrate and focus on your mental work. It puts a spring in your gait.

You will be given access to a Membership Area where you can download 10 full albums of Alchemical Music. You may also use this area as a personal radio station to stream this music,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • CloudBurst: Music for feeling and creating Joy and Expansion
  • Between Mountains and Stars: Music for connecting with the earth and stars
  • Sundance In Moonlight: Music for healing the pains of relationship
  • Activating Light Codes: Music for awakening the Light Body; Frequency 532
  • Deep Immersion Into Oneness: Music for traveling deep to the Source of Creation
  • Rapture: Music to prepare one for the chaotic shifts of society and cosmology
  • Unconditional Love: Music to align to the reason we are here - opening the heart
  • As We Gather: Music for creating a unified field of transcendence with others
  • East Meets West: Music for aligning with Peace and broadcasting it into the world
  • Visioning: Music which helps us to see and chart the way ahead
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Here Is What You Will Get:



A fusion of classical, jazz, new age and world, this album features the piano work of Torgeson couched in a tapestry of orchestral and synthesizer sonorities.  An album which celebrates nature and the joy of spontaneous communion with the elemental forces. Solo piano punctuated with orchestrations. Use this music to connect with Nature, with total joy and expansiveness, and to bring childlike spontaniety back into your life. 11 tracks, 49:15 minutes.

Listen to samples of CloudBurst

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 7.13.08 PMBetween Mountain and Stars

…is a musical exploration of the primal and spiritual aspects of human nature.  Through atmospheric textures, ambient washes and orchestral sonorities, find  a soundscape both richly earthy and etheral. The themes of humankind’s grounding in nature; the continuous search for our place in the cosmos; and the innate pull towards personal evolution predominate this music. The intent of this music is to create an expression which incites the human spirit toward greater wholeness and transformation – a form designed to invoke inner change which mirrors the vast planetary shifts of the new millennium. At this time of mass Global Shifting, every avenue of shifting one´s frequencies to higher states is called for, and Mark’s music has this intention at its core.9 tracks, 58:58 minutes.

Listen to Samples of Between Mountains and Stars…

SundanceInMoonlightSundance In Moonlight

Meditative, calming, contemplative solo Piano. This work is perfect for exploring and healing the deeper issues and themes of one’s Inner Work; aids in clearing emotional attachments no longer serving one’s higher purpose; and releasing the pain of relationship.  Sundance in Moonlight is a study in “going within” to retrieve those aspects of self in need of light and healing. The lyrical quality of this solo piano work invokes deep immersion into self to bring forth emotions to clear and set free. Gentle, calming in nature, this music provides an environment of safety to conduct one’s inner voyages of discovery and freedom. 19 tracks, 66:58 minutes.

Listen to samples of Sundance in Monlight

Runner Character Listen To Music Shows Music Listening Jogging

When the intent for healing and transformation is coupled with the emotion of passion and joy in music, that expression becomes a vehicle for DNA repatterning.

Within the cellular constituency of the human physique is imbedded a double helix of DNA. But there is material which makes up the ingredients for 10 more strands. These strands are electromagnetic in nature and as yet undetectable by scientific methods. These extra strands are presently in a state of “disconnect” for most people, but are swiftly being awakened by many healing and transformational methods.  They are being reconstructed and reconfigured with the result of  catalyzing the human energy system into a more dynamic state where abilities which are now considered paranormal and supernormal are becoming commonplace. Intuitive powers and innate knowingness will soon resume at levels once reserved for “masters”.  We have agreed to be born and to live for a certain time in the present compromised biology; but we also agreed to awaken.

It is time for the Awakening to occur and for each of us to step into our pre-chosen purpose. This is happening en-mass and is coinciding with the shift of Earth consciousness. As we acknowledge who we are, step-up our vibration and begin clearing ourselves of emotions and belief systems that are counter to our true nature, we assist in this earth-plane shifting through our very beingness. Shifting vibrational frequency, transformation, remembering who we are…these are the action words of the day as we step forward and embrace this evolutionary quickening.

ActivatingLightCodesSmallwebActivating Light Codes

Live  music recording of the event DNA Activation/Light Codes in Richmond, VA,  an evening of deep immersion into the awakening of innate codes in the human energy system. Frequency 532, the new earth grid frequency, is used throughout this recording.Use this to fully activate DNA and dormant codes within to become the fullest aspect of who you truly are and came here to be.

12 tracks, 71.58 minutes

Listen to Samples of Activating Light Codes

DeepImmersionBLACKHOLE2.5WEBDeep Immersion Into Oneness

This music embodies the energies of multiple ascended masters who graced us with their presence during this event, recorded live. It employs  Frequency 532 Hz, the new earth grid vibration, to instill a gentle and beautiful flowing of celestial energies that are a taste of what new paradigm frequencies will be like. Use this music to travel deep within, beyond the realm of thought and feeling, into the core of creation.

Six tracks, 35:40 minutes.

Listen to Samples of Deep Immersion Into Oneness


Another way of describing the time we are experiencing in our present cosmology is The Quickening. An acceleration of consciousness and the raising of vibration is causing all that is not serving our highest good to surface for release. Some may experience this as chaos; others may experience this as bliss. This music will help to integrate and give a gentle foretaste of these energies.

20 tracks;  63:52 minutes.

Listen to Samples of Rapture

Runner Character Listen To Music Shows Music Listening JoggingMusic is knowledge. It is a form of knowledge that bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart, the mode of feeling. It quiets the mind in the moment of experience and imparts its wisdom and perspective directly. It is an energetic stream of energy containing the directives for the human energy system to begin to most fully engage in the process of shifting, activation, and awakening. It carries the codes of experience and knowing from the realm of the creator, whether that realm be of this dimension or others. When it comes from dimensions other than the third, there are trails of knowing imbedded which trigger a sense of home, of remembrance, that bring the listener simultaneously to a state of peace and expectancy; the peace of knowing Who One Is and the expectancy of knowing that one can never be alone in this world again. For the world has expanded to include one’s family – a family much more expansive than the earth family of origin.

Music is knowledge. It brings to us the multidimensional blueprints of consciousness far beyond our present mental constructs, far beyond our ideas of who we are and what we are capable of. It lays down the structure through which we will carry on our future work in the world. It is the new operating system for the new body we are creating which will deal more adequately with the changing energies of the planet. It is the carrier frequency for encodements placed there as promised to help us to navigate the new reality and swiftly changing world where the rules of conduct and manifestation have drastically changed. It is fluid entry into the world of dreams and imagination which are the keys to shifting our experience to that of wonderment and joy.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.33.41 PMUnconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the new vibrational frequency we are in, starting January 2012. This album carries that frequency and helps those that entrain to the vibration in the music to maintain that heightened vibration.  It is a combination of keyboard synthesizer which emulates and acts as a carrier wave of the rarified energy of the Angelic and Devic realms, as well as brings to this plane the subtle gifts of interplanetary and multidimensional Helpers; and piano, which dynamically propels the music forward and helps to break down calcified thought forms and beliefs in the human energy system.
Use this music to align with what we have all come here to learn and master: unconditional love. 
14 tracks;  71:34 minutes

Listen to Samples of Unconditional Love

As-We-Gather_Brighter_BrigherSmallerWEBAs We Gather

Live recording of the event. People since the beginning of time have gathered in simple configurations, or temples, to create changes of vast proportion, evincing changes in social and global structures, and adding to the energetic grid of the earth. Here is a transmission of one such gathering. Use this to create a unified field of transcendence with others.

27 tracks;  93:19 minutes.

Listen to Samples of As We Gather

PeaceEastWest250webEast Meets West

From the live event, Peace, at East Meets West, Vienna Virginia. A gathering of strong willed emissaries of new consciousness amplified a field of Peace and projected it out into the world. Use this music to find and align with that sense of peace within and to broadcast it out into the world.  14 tracks, 77:43 minutes

Listen to Samples of East Meets West

Runner Character Listen To Music Shows Music Listening JoggingMusic provides the platform through which our awareness and vibratory patterning shifts, an allowance for healing and transformation. Music sets the imagination free. In the experience of music the mind is no longer in command – there is no need for its foundation of fear and protectiveness. In our listening we become unbridled spirit, free to fly and soar and ride the currents of our whim and unbridled imagining. Since there are no words to paint these scenes, our experience transcends conditioning. We flow easily between the dimensions. We go to nameless places and do indescribable deeds. We expand into our higher self and higher knowing, and the temporal limitations of earthly life no longer restrict our travelings. We become, most fully, Wanderers in the realms of our Heart-Inspired Creations.


Live recording from a retreat to vision new earth frequencies and structure. Use this music for your own Highest visioning, to chart the way ahead, and to create the type of world in alignment with your most expansive dreams. This music creates a deep stillness from which you can enter the deep recesses of your soul to extract the essence of your purpose. 15 tracks, 48:09 minutes.

Listen to Samples of Visioning

“It is the music of traveling, both in the body and beyond it…recommended for the healer and journeyer in all of us.”  

—Greg Hagin, Lightness of Being

I had a physical sense of being lifted as if my heart was pulled up thru third eye and catapulted thru my crown...all the while staying in my seat without a seatbelt. Then head pulled forward to witness the vast space below me…blue, black, violet with points of light.

Susan Bova, webcast participant

Mark, I love Dreamweaver, it made me fall asleep.

Emily, 8 Years Old
10 Albums of Alchemical Music $47!

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MarkSpeakingWho is the Music Alchemist?

All the music created for these transformational experiences is composed by Mark Torgeson. Mark has been passionately involved in higher consciousness and music for forty years. Through concerts, live events and studio recordings he has composed a body of work designed to take the listener into the deepest realms of the self, where inner knowing, alignment with immovable Peace, and connection to All is found.

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About this Music
Hi, I’m Mark Torgeson, composer of the music on The Music Alchemist.

For 40 years I’ve been deeply involved in music and consciousness, specifically music’s  profound ability to affect dramatic shifts in consciousness. I’ve created a body of work addressing one of the most important themes facing humanity.

It’s called Raise Your Vibration.

This is significant today because the world is in tremendous chaos. There has also never been such a time of promise and opportunity to create something new that is aligned with peace, balance and harmony.  So we have chaos on the one hand, and tremendous order on the other. The world is a reflection of our mass predilection to swing between the polarities.

Inherent in the newness of what is happening now is the choice to NOT be polarized, to move out of the dualistic state of being. The difficulty is constantly making that choice when the daily pressures of life claim our attentions, and we forget to keep that equilibrium. And this is the beauty of music. You don’t have to think about it. Just play, be in the flow, and the mind will entrain to the vibration. It will with ease take you to the place of transcendence, because that is what it is meant to do.

There is mother of two autistic children who has uses this music. These children happen to be crystal children, a new generation of high-vibrational beings who have incarnated to be the pioneers in the New Earth energy. There is a problem, though; the social and energetic environment has not evolved quick enough for these children to feel safe and nurtured. And so they retreat into themselves. The mother has put the music on, and they stop their stimming behaviors (STIMMING: self-stimulatory behaviors such as repetitive,  rocking, pacing, aligning or spinning objects, or hand flapping), and start coming out, and being more present. They recognize the vibration in the music, resonate with it, and know they are home.

This music comes from many realms, many dimensions. This should not be a startling fact, because all art, architecture, music, dance and science finds its inspiration from other dimensions. Artists are adept at stepping through those portals and bringing these ideas, ethereal forms and vibrations into this dimension. This is what has happened with this music and my creation process. I have accessed realms of our star families, the nature spirits and devas, the angelic realms, the ascended master realms and our indigenous elder lineages. They all have tremendous teachings to impart, vibrationally. And we are all moving together, and coming together as the dimensional veils dissolve.

I was working with a woman using my music and suddenly she jumped up and said, “There is a story in there! This music tells a story!” It made me very happy because not many are consciously aware of the vibrational panoramas that are painted with these sounds.

There are codes within the matrix of this sound as well, designed to activate inherent knowings, dormant DNA and the Light Body.  The way I see it is: there’s the sound, the music, and there is the vibrational frequency that rides on the music; sound is the carrier for these subtle but powerful frequencies. It’s a bit like coding for a computer program: you don’t see it, but it’s guiding the show. And this all goes beyond mind. You don’t have to think about this to receive the blessing and benefit. You just have to be open and flow with it!

There is a supervisor who uses this music to place herself in a state of clarity and focus. She claims her ability to get things done and be productive multiplies manifold.

A veterinarian who is adept at horsemanship and dressage uses it to calm her mind so that her horse becomes calm as well.

Participants at live events have seen the room fill with fairies and angels when the music started. This seems like a wild and fantastic statement, but you know, the world is like that – much grander and more magical than we can conceive!

My aim in the creation of this music has always started out personal: to keep my vibration high. When one is creative,  the vibration is always high. But there is also a service component: much of this music was created spontaneously in live events, where participants were releasing emotional baggage and karma from ancestral lineages, downloading codes, infusing high frequencies and assimilating new operating systems for the new earth energy. If you can follow your passion, do what brings you great joy, and be of service to others at the same time, what could be more fulfilling?

You will find in this music a plethora of vibrational tonics for many of the ailments of the human energy system. But the end result is ultimately the same: to raise your vibration and keep it high to better equip yourself with the evolving earth energies and universal energies.

The bottom line is here is a tool which is sublime and powerful. You don’t have to think, just feel. Drop out of your mind into your heart. As you listen to the samples you will know if there is gift here for you. If you are looking for that something extra to raise your vibrational frequency, to activate some deep inner knowing or simply to help you keep your focus and grounding in this swiftly changing global environment, this may be the key.

10 Albums of Alchemical Music $47!

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